Our Maps

Map 25: Time to visit friends and family, get the motorhome repaired and to get ready for our next adventure – the USA!

Map 24: The last week or two in France, before our 90-day visa limit forces us back to England.

Map 23: We had a lovely month near Perpignan, and it is time to dip our toes into the Spanish experience for a couple of weeks.

Map 22: Finally, we’re heading back to France for our 90 days allowed under Schengen rules. Hoping for warmer climes over winter!

Map 21: Leaving Scotland and heading back to the Yorkshire Dales before seeing friends and family in England.

Map 20: Our route through (some of) the Scottish Highlands, and then down the east coast on the way back to England.

Map 19: Our route from 1 September 2021 onwards, popping back to Oxfordshire for some celebrations with friends, before an expedition north again.

Map 18: After a fantastic few weeks in the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales, it is time to head south again – from the North East to the South West, and then to see Mum in East Anglia.

Map 17: After some time back “home” near Cholsey, we’re heading up the spine of England.

Map 16: One month into our UK travels and we are firmly in the South West, near old haunts from Bev’s childhood, and amongst more hills than we found in Norfolk!

Map 15: After ten weeks locked down in Norfolk, where our weekly shopping trips and walks of a few miles didn’t merit a map, this new map covers our travels from 12 April, as we left Mum and headed towards “middle England”.

Map 14: This map covers our travels in the second half of January, as we left the Camargue and start heading North, back to the UK.

Map 13: After 9 weeks in one spot, with confinement and then waiting for Christmas to pass, we’re finally back on the road. That tank of diesel we bought on 28 October is really lasting!

Map 12: Now that lockdown is eased, we’ve hired a car for day trips from the campsite. You can, I hope, see each trip on this map.

Map 11: Under lockdown our world has shrunk. You can see the details of our very comfortable campsite here.

We can walk to the supermarket to shop, and for 1 hour of exercise a day (but never more than 1km from the campsite). We have to complete a form for every trip.

Map 10: This map details our progress from 23rd October until lockdown on 29th October.

Map 9: This map details our progress from 11th October.

Map 8: This map details our progress at the end of September and into early October.

Map 7: This map details our progress later in September.

Map 6: This map details our progress in early September.

Map 5: This map details our progress from 22 August onwards (with a functioning clutch in the motorhome).

Map 4: This map details our progress from 7 August onwards (before and after The Great Clutch Disaster).

Map 3: This map details our first few stops on our 8-month trip, from 29 July 2020 onwards

Map 2: In the second half of July we continued our quick tour to see friends and relatives before heading to France.

Map 1: Once lockdown ended and overnight stays were allowed, we headed from our Devon refuge on a quick tour to see friends and relatives before heading to France. This map shows the first few stops, from 4th to 18th July.